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Workshop Outline

A manager's leadership style is responsible for 30% of the company's bottom-line profitability!
About the Workshop
The Engaged Leader Workshop is designed as an exciting action-packed workshop that will get your managers out of their seats and actively participating in their own learning. This learning experience will help any manager take steps towards greater cohesiveness, understanding and communication in their management of teams. Using powerful exercises, managers will make significant progress in understanding others learning styles while being able to select appropriate leadership styles to increase overall productivity of their teams. The workshop is designed to be held in a half day, but can be made to a full day session.

The Workshop Includes:

  • Discussion and analyzing characteristics of managers and leaders
  • Learning styles overview and which is yours
  • Various leadership styles
  • Moving teams from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Collaborative learning breakout sessions
  • Additional materials that emphasize and recap skills or key learning points
  • Develop a personal action plan
  • Available in half day or full day sessions
  • Available at our location or anywhere in the world

Program Outcomes:
We have customized The Engaged Leader Workshop to enhance the workshop format so it can be adapted to your needs and expectations. We surround your team with skilled classroom instruction combined with time for discussion and experience-based training and development activities that take you from ordinary to extraordinary management.

Each individual will be able to evaluate his/her role as a manager/leader individually, while gaining new insight as well as build upon personal skills and capacities through exercises and reflection.